… give me a donut!

May 15, 2009

I found the perfect, I mean perfect donuts for the party. Just you wait. They will be lined up!

And let’s not forget the dressing up as your favorite character.

The Lodge is known for Christmas in July, this will be Halloween in May, Twin Peaks style!

If you can’t decide which character, take this online quiz.


2 Responses to “… give me a donut!”

  1. mark said

    We just picked up a postcard at Stardust listing this event. It sounds pretty cool, we are making plans to attend. Don’t know if we will be “in character”, but we DO have original, official “Twin Peaks Resident Cards”, so we can come as actual citizens of Twin Peaks. And we have a copy of the Twin Peaks newspaper. And lots of other emphemera!

    • patti said

      Thanks for writing, Mark! Hope you bring the cards, we would love to see ’em! Of course everyone is welcome to the party, TP resident or visitor, in costume or not. It will def be an interesting mix of all types, and we hope to cause a little Twin Peaks frisson this Thursday. As we’ve said before you’ll want to bring your camera, and maybe your voice-activated tape recorder, so you don’t forget what happened this special night.

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