For the next week I will be introducing some of the cast from Twin Peaks, to get everyone in the mood. Some of the bios are from Welcome To Twin Peaks Access Guide, Lynchnet, or me, paintergirlny.


Dale Bartholomew “Coop” Cooper-Born April 19, 1954. An FBI Agent and Aries. Might well have been a magician or mystic had he not scored a perfect 100 on his Eagle Scout marksmanship test, after which his thinking took a decidedly ‘legalistic’ turn. Unable to escape the memory of a tragic incident in his recent past, Coop likes jelly doughnuts and a good cup of Joe.(Access Guide)


Harry S. Truman-Born May 13, 1950. A Taurus but skeptical about it all. Sheriff Truman is happy to have achieved his life-long ambition of serving the community in which he grew up. Fond of cowboy hats and Oriental dishes, he admits to feeling lonely now and again.(Access Guide)

If you are truly inspired and want to watch the episodes before the party, go check them out on Hulu.


Let’s Rock!

March 24, 2009

We recently confirmed plans to throw a party celebrating the weirdness that was Twin Peaks! If you are a fan of the show, or just looking for a good time, you’ll want to stop by. Coincides with Third Thursday events taking place in downtown Orlando.

Twin Peaks Party
May 21, 2009
@The Lodge-Orange Avenue
7 pm – 11 pm

Additional details such as events, activities and drink specials to follow

Please note, this is for adults, taking place at a bar, and is not affiliated or endorsed by anyone remotley associated with Twin Peaks or David Lynch. This is a fundraising event for the next Altered State event, though there will be NO COVER (suggested donation is $3).