Joseph (BOB) and I (Laura) want to thank EVERYONE who made it out to the Party. We had a great time and I hope you did too! It means a lot to us, really. When I first had the idea for a party, it was going to be at our house. I thought The Lodge would be perfect. It used to be a place we’d like to go to. I have to give a big thank you to Adriaan and DJ Ativistic Empire. Fantastic set as usual. But you didn’t get to do your live stuff, which we were looking forward to. I’m sorry, a million times. The tracks you played and the dialogue mixing was GREAT! Thank you guys for being there. Also thanks to a certain Agent Cooper for a gift certificate donation. It came in handy.

Congratulations athletic Nadine, YOU ROCK! Call or write me for your prize= xo

Trivia Contest winner-Matt “The Giant” G.

Owly Award- Jessica “Audrey” for best costume runner-up. It was a close race, but the Owly seems made for you.

Best Costume-Athletic Nadine




Oh James…

May 13, 2009


James Hurley-Born January 1, 1973. The quiet, inner strength of this Capricorn is truly remarkable. coming from a broken home, James concluded pretty early on that people can seldom be trusted which is why he’s so perplexed so many people trust him. With his Harley and the open road he is fulfilled. Loves Route 21 past White Tail Falls at 3 am and Julee Cruise at the Roadhouse. (Access Guide)


Donna Hayward– Born September 2, 1972. A true Virgo, very thorough, a little skeptical and a bit of an edge. Donna grew up as the daughter of Twin Peaks only family doctor and is respected and thought of as “a good girl” in town. Loves Nancy Drew Mysteries, motorcycle rides and Virginia Slims. (Lynchnet+paintergirl)


Tommy “the Hawk” Hill-Born September 16, 1950. A Virgo, Hawk is a unique combination of pragmatist and mystic. Son of a Zuni Shaman, he admits to being intolerant of those who would destroy the earth’s beauty and allows that he did, indeed, run the wrong way in that final game of the ’68 season. Loves grass between his toes and cool, clear water. (Access Guide)


The Log Lady-Born under achingly clear skies on an unknown date, The Log Lady is a self proclaimed Libra and a graduate of Twin Peaks High School. After further matriculation at Evergreen State University as a Forestry and Wildlife Management major, she met a fire fighter and the rest is history. When not teaching Fire Prevention and ballroom dancing, The Log Lady ministers to the sick and the sick at heart. “My strength,’ she explains, “is in my forearms.”(Access Guide)


Laura Palmer-Born June 1, 1972 Died February 24, 1989. Laura was the definition of a Gemini. The good girl vs. bad girl paradox. You never knew what kind of day you’d have when Laura was with you. She was known for having the most beautiful eyes in Twin Peaks. Loved motorcycle rides at night, and meeting new people, especially older guys. (Lynchnet+paintergirl)


Audrey Horne-Born August 24, 1972. Often seen as a poor little rich girl, Audrey is a Virgo with a Leo’s heart. Even though she attends the local high school, she does not have any close friends. It’s the case of the pretty girl with no date for a Friday night. Audrey is fond of fuzzy sweaters and handsome FBI men. (paintergirl)

For the next week I will be introducing some of the cast from Twin Peaks, to get everyone in the mood. Some of the bios are from Welcome To Twin Peaks Access Guide, Lynchnet, or me, paintergirlny.


Dale Bartholomew “Coop” Cooper-Born April 19, 1954. An FBI Agent and Aries. Might well have been a magician or mystic had he not scored a perfect 100 on his Eagle Scout marksmanship test, after which his thinking took a decidedly ‘legalistic’ turn. Unable to escape the memory of a tragic incident in his recent past, Coop likes jelly doughnuts and a good cup of Joe.(Access Guide)


Harry S. Truman-Born May 13, 1950. A Taurus but skeptical about it all. Sheriff Truman is happy to have achieved his life-long ambition of serving the community in which he grew up. Fond of cowboy hats and Oriental dishes, he admits to feeling lonely now and again.(Access Guide)

If you are truly inspired and want to watch the episodes before the party, go check them out on Hulu.