Tommy “the Hawk” Hill-Born September 16, 1950. A Virgo, Hawk is a unique combination of pragmatist and mystic. Son of a Zuni Shaman, he admits to being intolerant of those who would destroy the earth’s beauty and allows that he did, indeed, run the wrong way in that final game of the ’68 season. Loves grass between his toes and cool, clear water. (Access Guide)


The Log Lady-Born under achingly clear skies on an unknown date, The Log Lady is a self proclaimed Libra and a graduate of Twin Peaks High School. After further matriculation at Evergreen State University as a Forestry and Wildlife Management major, she met a fire fighter and the rest is history. When not teaching Fire Prevention and ballroom dancing, The Log Lady ministers to the sick and the sick at heart. “My strength,’ she explains, “is in my forearms.”(Access Guide)