…the birds sing a pretty song and there’s always music in the air

May 14, 2009


Adriaan, who was the amazing DJ for Altered State, has gracioiusly agreed to do the Twin Peaks party. He and cohort his DJ Atavistic Empire will be mixing up some soundtrack, jams and live instrumentation(!) into an unprecedented orgy of sound. Or something like that. Anyway, to quote Agent Cooper, we are pleased as punch to have Adriaan and DJ AE provide the musical inspiration for your Lodge experience (Black or White Lodge is up to you). It’s worth the price alone to see two musical artists up close. Did we mention it’s FREE (although donations which go toward the next Altered State event are welcome). There will also be FREE donuts, ‘natch, trivia and costume contests. Dressing up is encouraged but not mandatory. But what harm could there be in letting your naughty inner doppleganger run free?

If you’d like to catch Adrian prior to the TP party you can catch him at Chuck Markins art opening at Peacock on the Monday, May 18th. Then he and Cub will be at the Black Box May 23 for another False Alarm noise night.


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