Oh James…

May 13, 2009


James Hurley-Born January 1, 1973. The quiet, inner strength of this Capricorn is truly remarkable. coming from a broken home, James concluded pretty early on that people can seldom be trusted which is why he’s so perplexed so many people trust him. With his Harley and the open road he is fulfilled. Loves Route 21 past White Tail Falls at 3 am and Julee Cruise at the Roadhouse. (Access Guide)


Donna Hayward– Born September 2, 1972. A true Virgo, very thorough, a little skeptical and a bit of an edge. Donna grew up as the daughter of Twin Peaks only family doctor and is respected and thought of as “a good girl” in town. Loves Nancy Drew Mysteries, motorcycle rides and Virginia Slims. (Lynchnet+paintergirl)


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